Paleo and Carbs

Paleo and Carbs: Where Should They Come From?

If you’ve just started your Paleo diet, you’re probably working to cut a lot of “bad stuff” from your diet. Things like wheat, barley, potatoes, and legumes are off-limits, along with anything else you can’t catch with a spear. But if you’re wrestling with symptoms of the dreaded “low carb flu”, or worrying about the future effects of cutting those things out of your diet, you might need a little good advice.

The Dangers Of Carbs

For starters, you might be wondering why you’re avoiding carbs in the first place. One of the problems with high-carb foods is that they’re high in calories and don’t deliver a lot of nutrients. Imagine how many calories you’d eat trying to get full on rice and bread! Vegetables on the other hand, can deliver a lot more in the way of nutrients.
Things like refined grains and sugars also pack a lot of stuff like gluten and glucose that lowers our overall health and ability to burn fat.

How Many Carbs Do You Need?

Believe it or not, the average person can operate on much fewer carbs that we’re used to. Carbs can be a great source of energy when you’re working out heavily, but if you’re working at a desk, you don’t need a great deal. In fact, when your body doesn’t see any carb energy to burn, it burns fat instead.

You might not see this when you’re first dieting and lacking in energy because of a lack of carbs. But be patient – this may be a sign that your body has become too dependent on carbs and isn’t adapted towards using fat as an energy source. Add a little more fat to your diet and give yourself a couple of weeks to adjust physically before bumping up your carb intake.

What Should You Eat To Get Your Carbs?

In the Paleo diet, it’s important to get your carbohydrates from foods that occur naturally in the wild and don’t need to be boiled down, milled, or processed before you eat them. Carbs aren’t universally bad, but getting them from the deadly sources that make up for most of the modern Western diet (fructose, white sugar, grains, processed foods) can make you sick and don’t have a lot of nutritional benefit.

Look to roots to supplement this part of your diet. Plantains, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes and Yams are all very strong sources of carbohydrates. There are also fruits like raisins, bananas and dates that deliver a lot of carbohydrates. They’re allowed under the Paleo diet, but try not to go overboard, especially if you’re just getting started with the diet, because they have a high glycemic index.

When Should You Eat It?

Don’t just eat these high-carb foods whenever you have a craving. One of the benefits of the Paleo diet is changing your attitude towards food and treating it like fuel instead of entertainment. Think strategically. Because of their glycemic index, fruits tend to activate quickly in the body. Because of this, you can take them right before working out so that you can quickly access this energy. It’s also good to have this after you’ve had a long, cardio based workout.

Vegetables, tubers, and roots, on the other hand, give you a more stable carb lift. You can take these to refresh your muscles right after a workout. You might have avoiding some of these foods because they aren’t obvious Paleo diet sources, but they don’t come with the health risks of most Western starch sources and are fine to eat, according to Mark Sisson, author of “The Primal Blueprint”.

Remember that carbs are okay in moderate amounts, and it’s important to be in touch with your activity level and metabolism.


Snacking Smart on the Paleo Diet

Snacking Smart on the Paleo Diet

One of the most important things about Paleo Primal Primer lifestyle, more than portion sizes or whether or not you eat dairy, is developing a fresh awareness of your body. Knowing what’s going on in your body on a daily basis is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

So, what about when you need a little extra snack to help you through the day? On the surface, the stuff you’re eating on Paleo doesn’t lend itself to quick snacks. First, we’ll briefly look at some ideas that will help you knock off hunger, and then we’ll look at some snack suggestions that taste great anytime.

Why Are You Snacking?

Are you eating out of boredom or social reasons, or are you legitimately hungry? If you’re regularly feeling hungry before your next scheduled meal, chances are you aren’t eating large enough portions for your metabolism and body weight. Remember that you’re allowed to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, so you shouldn’t deprive yourself.

Try to avoid store-bought foods if you can – they’re usually stuffed with HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and very, very bad for you. While there are a few Paleo-friendly products available online or in specialty stores, the least expensive option is to make them yourself.

Remember that fruit, nuts, and berries are near the top of the Paleo pyramid, so don’t go completely overboard!

Drink A Smoothie

A blender is one of the tastiest investments you can buy on Paleo lifestyle. It’s a great snack for breakfast or boosting you out of those mid-afternoon blues. Start with a base of crushed ice or coconut milk, then add some fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, apples, and an occasional banana are great choices. If you’ve ever put a couple of raw eggs into your smoothie, you know that they’re a great source of protein and you barely taste it. Top it off with a little honey, cinnamon, or almond butter and you’ve got a great snack you can effortlessly share with your friends and family.

Trail Mix

If you need something to munch on, throwing a bunch of dried fruit and nuts into a bowl isn’t a bad idea. You’ll need to skip sugary trail mix from stores and make your own. Nuts are a great base for a healthy trail mix, but remember all nuts aren’t created equal. Almonds, brazil nuts, and macadamias are all very healthy bases for your mix, walnuts are very high in fatty acids, and peanuts are a legume and should be avoided altogether. Add in some sesame, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds and top your trail mix off with something sweet like coconut shavings, dried fruit, or raisins.

Something Savory

Sometimes you don’t want a sweet snack, instead you want something like a miniature meal. Meat is easy to get in snack form if you’ve got a can or you’re willing to slice it thin and make jerky in an oven. Grab a lean cut of beef, trim off the fat, cit it into very lean slices and add it to a mixture of water, garlic, teriyaki sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper (Bacon Salt is also a great choice if you can get your hands on it). Stick it on a baking sheet and turn the oven to 175 degrees for 3 hours. Then turn it over and roast it for another hour and a half. You’ll know it’s ready when the jerky bends without snapping.

Snacking on the Paleo diet isn’t tough, and with a little creativity you’ll be up to your ears in delicious treats any time of the day!


Creating Great Paleo Deserts

Creating Great Paleo Desserts

Desserts are one of the toughest meals to put together on the Paleo diet. You aren’t allowed to have any grains, and most Paleo dieters skip out on dairy. That means cake, pie, and ice cream are out the window. And since you’re cutting out processed sugars and preservatives, most of the prepackaged desserts you’d find at the store are out of the window, too. So what should Paleo dieters do in order to keep their sweet tooth’s satisfied?

Grab A Smoothie

It’s easy to think of smoothies as off-limits because they’re so sweet, and it’s easy to go overboard on the sugar. But you’ve got complete control over what goes into a smoothie, and most of the building blocks (healthy fruits and berries) are all what makes a smoothie great.

There are a few things you need to avoid, however. Bananas aren’t Paleo friendly because they have a high glycemic index. “Tropical” fruits like melons, mangos, and pineapples are also out for the same reason.

Most traditional smoothies have a splash of milk to keep a thick consistency, but you have more options than you’d think – almond milk has a wonderful flavor that compliments most ingredients, and coconut milk has a consistency that’s pretty close to dairy while being a lot less expensive.

Baking With Coconut Flour

This is one of the most delicious diet loopholes I’ve ever seen – you can enjoy almost all of your favorite baked goods by using coconut flower instead of something wheat based. After all, coconut has so many health benefits. It lowers LDL or “bad” cholesterol; it’s high in iron and zinc, and its gluten free! It has a mild coconut flavor and a different consistency than white flour. If you have an allergy, you can try walnut or almond flour instead.

As an example, it’s easy to make some great Paleo-friendly brownies using these substitutes. Combine
4 cups of almond flour, ½ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and a ½ cup of honey or agave sweetener in a greased pan for 17-20 minutes at 350 degrees. You can also melt some unsweetened cocoa and poured over the top of the brownies if you want to add a little bit of moisture to the recipe.

Baked Fruits With A Sweet Touch

If your Paleo diet leans towards being dairy friendly, you can do amazing things with mild fruits and vegetables paired with butter. For example, baked apples taste great and are Paleo friendly. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, take out the guts and seeds, add a spoonful of butter and follow it up with a few spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and fine lemongrass. After about 15 minutes in the oven, your apples should be ready to eat! You can also add a sprinkle of raw honey afterwards for the best possible taste.

Almond Butter Bars

I haven’t gone back since switching from peanut butter on almond butter – it’s a much richer flavor, it’s more filling, and it’s better for you, too. You can use almond butter to create something very similar to the candy bars you used to buy in the store – it just takes a quick trip to the craft store. Buy a few cornbread molds along with some dark chocolate chips (be sure to buy something made with real chocolate). Melt them down, freeze them in the cornbread mold, add your almond butter in the middle, then add another layer of chocolate and freeze it again. You can even sprinkle on some coconut, raisins or honey on top to make a really memorable treat!

Paleo-friendly desserts aren’t tough – in fact, they open you to plenty of new and delicious possibilities, if you’re willing to experiment. Remember that Paleo is all about real, genuinely rewarding food, and even someone with a sweet tooth deserves the best!

Painless Ways To Lose Weight

Painless ways to lose weight

Many people are of the opinion that losing weight has to be painful experience and they would rather pass. The hard way seems to be the best way when it comes to losing weight. This is not always the case.
Doctors recommend that eating healthy and exercising regularly is a sure way to lose weight. You don’t have to be a fitness gig to lose weight. What if there was an easy way out which is painless and healthy? A lifestyle change could greatly influence your weight loss endeavors. To lose weight painlessly, you need to:

Add foods

Forget about what the gurus say. Instead of reducing food in your diet regimen, you should add more. Add healthy foods which you really like. Such foods could include juicy grapes, snow peas, cherries and grape juice. It is recommended that you make juices out of this fruits.

Don’t work out

Who said you have to work out in order to lose weight? People always creep at the mention of a work out. The name itself is discouraging. Losing weight should not be work. It should be fun. For you to make it fun, you need to enjoy every bit of it. For you to benefit, don’t call it a work out because even the thought of it brings negative energy. Ride your bike every day, play beach volley ball. You will be exercising but without even thinking about it. Even washing your car can be a form of exercise.

Take a walk

Walks are usually underrated when it comes to losing weight. Taking a walk could mean the difference between burning that extra calorie or not. Humans have become so addictive to vehicles. We can’t walk to the supermarket even if it is 15 minutes away. Instead of taking your car with you, why don’t you walk to the supermarket when you are going to buy that insecticide?
That 15 minutes walk can really make a big difference in you loosing weight. Instead of driving to meetings, just take a walk. You can also avoid using the lift and physically climb the stairs. You can set aside ten minutes of your time to take a walk. It could be in your neighborhood or when you are out on your lunch break.

Join weight loss groups

There is nothing more encouraging than to have people who understand what you are going through. A weight loss group is all about encouraging others. People can share strategies that worked for them in their quest to lose weight. You will feel motivated and you won’t view losing weight as such a big deal. In such groups, there is usually no judgement whatsoever because you are all going through the same challenges.

Consult your Doctor
Some weight problems may be as a result of a medical condition. You many never know unless you see a doctor. There are those people who have tried every method of losing weight available. The answer was just maybe consulting a medical doctor to gauge the medical condition. The condition could also be hereditary. Before you start any weight lose, it is important that you first see a doctor. The doctor will be able to examine what is exactly causing the weight problem. If it has to with lifestyle, he may recommend a change in diet and increase in physical activity. If it is a medical condition, there are some drugs which may be subscribed. This could be an easy way to lose weight
Losing weight doesn’t have to painful process. The most important thing is to know how to do it right. Doing it right means checking your diet. Add a couple more variety of healthy foods. You should also not view working out as the devil it is. There are several ways you could exercise even without feeling the burden. Identify the sport you love and it wouldn’t be that of a hustle. Lastly, make sure your weight problem is not as result of a medical condition. You could be struggling yet the cure is just a visit to the medical doctor. If you follow the mentioned tips, you can be sure of losing weight painlessly

Women’s Healthy eating tips

Women’s Healthy eating tips

Ask anyone how to lose weight and they will tell you that you should eat less and exercise more. If people know the answer so readily, why are obesity cases on the increase? The simple logic could be the change in diet. This change in diet has seen people changing the type of foods they eat. We are more accustomed to junk. It is more fun to eat out than to prepare traditional meals that are healthy and tastier. All hope is not gone. All we need to do is to change our diet. Women are the ones mostly affected.
Drink Lots of water
This is always emphasized in any diet regimen. Water is very important in the respiration. Sometimes people confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating instead of drinking water. If you don’t like water, you could substitute it with juice. Mango or peach juice is recommended. You should at least take 8 glasses of water. Next time you have those random pangs of hunger, takes lots of water.
Diet addition
When women want to eat healthy, they are always thinking of what should be taken away from the diet. The focus should be on what should be included. Add more healthy foods to your diet. The 5-9 servings of vegetables should be mandatory in your diet. It should also form the basis of your diet. The addition should be mainly fruits. If you consume a lot fruits, chances of you over eating are very slim. There are different kinds of vegetables that you could also add to your diet without feeling the pinch.
You need to be choosy on what you include in your snack pack. Most snacks are consumed after supper. This the time of night when you are relaxing in your living room watching TV mindlessly. In most cases, you are having a snack in your hand. You are eating without being hungry. Such is a habit that you need to avoid at all costs. Even if you are taking snacks, you need to ensure that they are low in calories.
Exercise also affects your eating habits. There are those people who get very hungry whenever they exercise and end up eating more. While exercising may help in losing weight, it will be futile if you eat more. You need to follow your diet regimen. If you fell hungry, eat vegetables, fruits and drink a lot of water.
You need all the support you can get in order to maintain that healthy diet regimen. Sometimes you may be tempted to get off track. If you have good friends and family members, that doesn’t have to happen. They will encourage you whenever you feel like giving up. Healthy food may not be as crunchy as the junk that you are used to but you are going through a lifestyle change. You could as well join a support group where they are others going through similar challenges. Challenges are much easier if they are approached in a team.
Take a break
It may sound controversial but it is sometimes important that you take a break from your diet regimen. Things may not be working as planned and you are getting frustrated by the day. The whole point of taking a break is to give you time and re-organize your thoughts. You will sometimes find that you just go the routine that you had planned. Such is the approach that is required. You should not see the diet regimen as some rules you should strictly adhere to. Instead, it should come as second nature hence the importance of taking the break.
Each step is important
Every step is a milestone no matter how small it is. Following your diet to the detail requires real work and commitment. You don’t have to do things perfectly. You only need to be yourself and set realistic expectations. Otherwise chances are high that you will get frustrated.
In the end, your success with your diet regimen will depend on you as an individual. You need to be focused and take it seriously. A little fall may not be that bad so long as you don’t stay down for too long.

Healthy Women’s Facial Care Methods – Make It A Routine

Healthy Women’s Facial Care Methods – Make It A Routine
Have you ever taken a moment and asked yourself why face masks are so important to women? The answer to that is that face masks when regularly and cautiously used, always leaves the skin as fresh as ever, and also makes it look young. Face masks have been used by the women for very many years. Even dating back to those times when the Greek and also Egyptian women used those face masks. Most women, if not all, always want change for the better when it comes to the texture of their skin. So most of the time, you will see them being inquisitive on those facial care kind of products out there in the market. So do not, as a man become hotheaded and be raring to go when your woman takes your precious time to stop in a beauty therapist’s shop. Take time and even financially help her out if you are in town with her. You don’t know how much that means to her.
So are there some ways that can be adopted when it comes to women’s facial care? Outlined below are some of the methods that can be used to help take care of the skin and leave it healthy-looking:


  •  First of all, know your skin type – when a woman knows the kind of skin that she has, she is able to choose those kind of skin products that have been specifically designed and also produced to fit with her skin type. The kind of facial products that can be used on a dry skin cannot give the same positive results when used on an oily skin as the needs are not at all the same. So there is specific attention and care to be taken on each type of a skin. Skin types are generally classified into four; the oily, normal skin, dry and a combination. On top of the four skin types, there is a possibility of a person having a sensitive skin as well. However, a sensitive skin goes along with any one of the skin types.
  •  Concentrate on the fragile areas of the face – some of the parts of the face have an exceptionally fine, delicate and also very fragile skin. For example, the lips and also the contour of the eye. These face areas ought to be given special attention and also treatment.
  •  Mild cleansing – removing make-up is a very crucial thing to do when it comes to a sensitive kind of skin and it always comes first. The skin need not be stressed and this can be achieved by maintaining its natural balance. Make it a point of using a make-up remover that is pH- neutral and has been specifically devised to gently purify your epidermis.
  •  The eyes: a high stake skin area – the contour of the eye is almost ten times subtle and a cut above the other skin parts found on your face. So this area should have a specific kind of routine to be done each and every time, when removing make-up.
  •  Exfoliation is requisite and very crucial – a good exfoliation treatment should be done at least one or even two times a week. The treatment is supposed to be very effective while at the same time remaining courteous on the skin’s natural balance. The best exfoliation product that one can use is that which is pH-neutral. The product is supposed to make the skin smooth and also purify it.
  •  Moisturize the skin – moisturizing one’s skin is very important. The dermis and the epidermis, are constituted of 70 % and 15 % water respectively. Women skin care products that have a moisturizing effect are important to use as they help to balance the water level found in the skin.
  •  Hypoallergenic make-up – using a type of make-up that meets the requirements of all the four types of skins is an important facial care tip for the women. This is because, one will not get allergies that are constantly linked to facial care products that are unsuitable for certain types of skin, more so the sensitive skin.
  •  Harmful sun rays protection – harmful sun rays increase skin aging thus skin care products that reduce these effects are useful. Solar filters should be included in those products.




The above methods of skin care are vital, so follow them and take care of your face.

7 Top Homemade Women’s Facial Care Guidelines: A Fair Skin

Having that picture-perfect look is always the dream of many women today. Which woman does not want a fair and spotless skin accompanied by long and gorgeous hair anyway? Most women use facial care products to make their facial skins fair and also remove any kind of bad skins. So they want the best of products and also facial treatments that will leave them with positive results to be proud of. Women’s facial care is done so as to help regenerate the skin and also help the old, tired skin disappear. Taking care of the skin is one thing but going a step further and making the skin fairer than it is currently is another thing altogether.
There are methods by which a woman can take care of her own skin. Below are some of them:

  •   Water – water is health and its positive results are also seen on the skin once taken regularly; at least 8 glasses.
  •   Sleep – a good sleep goes a long way in helping your skin regenerate. Sleeping for at least 6 to 8 hours is very healthy.
  •   Good exercise – even the simplest of exercises such as push-ups are important not only to your general body health but also to a good skin.
  •   A scheduled skin care habit – exfoliation helps one do away with dead and also dry skin. This skin makes a woman’s complexion look dull.
  •   Remove makeup – one important facial care step that a woman needs not forget is removing her facial makeup before going to sleep. With the makeup still on the face, there is no way that her skin can repair.
  •   Food rich in Vitamins A & C – having a balanced diet includes eating food that is rich in all those components that will help your body. Vitamins A & C always helps the skin have that natural glow. This is every woman’s wish, so make it happen.

So with a good skin, now a woman might want her facial care practice to help her acquire a fairer skin. The following guidelines are homemade and you can be optimistic on the results:
1) Use of tea water and also honey – this is one of the simplest facial care practice that a woman can do. Mix the tea water, honey and additionally rice flour then skin apply it and leave the mask for about 20 minutes. Honey and rice flour act as a skin moisturizer and a good scrub respectively. Rinse your face with cold water after massaging the face.
2) Lemon juice and oats – lemon juice lightens a woman’s skin while an oat decreases skin inflammation at the same time helping the skin to recuperate. Lemon juice can always be diluted with water in case of a sensitive kind of skin.
3) Tomato juice and turmeric use – women like this method because it is so simple and instantly produces positive results when mixed and face applied then washed off using lukewarm water. On the other hand, rubbing the facial skin daily with tomato pulp is a very good method of changing the skin’s complexion. Before being rinsed off, it should be left for roughly 20 minutes.
4) Milk, gram flour, and turmeric – these ingredients act as a moisturizer, exfoliator, and a skin lightener respectively. They should be mixed and rubbed gently on the face for about 5 minutes then left for another 20 minutes to dry off. After that, the face should be cleansed.
5) An orange peel and fresh yoghurt – the peel should be ground into powder after being dried then mixed with the yoghurt and the resulting paste applied on the facial skin for a minimum of 15 minutes then washed away.
6) Fresh yoghurt and also lemon juice mixture – this facial care method for women not only lightens the skin but also lessens dark spots found on the skin as well as acne marks.
7) Use of unboiled milk together with saffron – a few strands, say about six, of saffron should be left to stay in a milk bowl for at least 4 hours then applied on the skin for a period of over 15 minutes then rinsed of with tepid water.
These few women’s facial care tips are the best that a woman can possibly use to help her skin become fairer. So make sure you try the out. There are also many products that help women maintain proper care of their face.